Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Funny Random Thoughts!!

1. I think part of a best friend's job should be to immediately clear your computer history if you die.
2. Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you> realize you're wrong.
3. I totally take back all those times I didn't want to nap when I was younger.
4. There is great need for a sarcasm font.
5. How the heck are you supposed to fold a fitted sheet?
6. Was learning cursive really necessary?
7. Map Quest really needs to start their directions on #5. I'm pretty sure I know how to get out of my neighborhood.
8. Obituaries would be a lot more interesting if they told you how> the person died.
9. I can't remember the last time I wasn't at least kind of tired.
10. Bad decisions make good stories.
11. You never know when it will strike, but there comes a moment at work when you know that you just aren't going to do anything productive for the rest of the day.
12. Can we all just agree to ignore whatever comes after Blue Ray? I don't want to have to restart my collection...again.
13. I'm always slightly terrified when I exit out of Word and it asks> me if I want to save any changes to my ten-page research paper that I swear I did not make any changes to.
14. "Do not machine wash or tumble dry" means I will never wash this --> ever.
15. I hate when I just miss a call by the last ring (Hello? Hello?) but when I immediately call back, it rings nine times and goes to voicemail. What'd you do after I didn't answer? Drop the phone and run> away?
16. I hate leaving my house confident and looking good and then not seeing anyone of importance the entire day. What a waste.
17. I keep some people's phone numbers in my phone just so I know not to> answer when they call.
18. I think the freezer deserves a light as well...
19. I disagree with Kay Jewelers. I would bet on any given Friday or> Saturday night more kisses begin with Coor Lites than Kay.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Is it really going to snow here in Jackson, MS tomorrow? CRAZY, CRAZY! Houston is calling for 3 inches tomorrow. I love to see it when it snows here because it IS such a rare occurrence but I think the part of it that I dread is the fact that NO ONE can drive in it!! I am in great debate of traveling in it myself. I have a show Saturday in V'burg and will have to leave headed that direction early early and not real sure that I want to chance it, especially being by myself! It more than likely is going to keep many inside their warm homes anyway. I don't know really what to do about it. I guess I will wait and see what the lovely weather man has to say about it tomorrow and ponder on that. You never know.... it may be sunny and hi 80?!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

TIS' the Season....

23 days til CHRISTMAS!!

That's it.... I really could have sworn that two days ago it was 37 days! WOW, does time fly! I am excited though. I love the "togetherness" that Christmas usually brings. Usually even the friends and foes can come together on this one (I will update you on how that works @ my workplace, because that can happen here, peace on earth should be pretty dang close)!!

I have found that it seems to be much more merrier times when people really stop and celebrate the real meaning of Christmas and not get caught in the commercial aspect of it. Hopefully with times being so tough right now with almost everyone, many will be forced to celebrate it in that manner. Once you do it once, you will want to continue to do it to recreate the wonderful peace within it brings for everyone.

I talked to my brother in B'ham last night, who has three children. I asked how he felt about letting the kids draw names and that be it. He was all for it and said because we are not able to get together as often as we would like, he doesn't want the kids to relate that when we do, there always seems to be presents, instead of sharing quality family time. Not only does it lift the stress financially but I much rather have quality time with family and friends than anything else, especially those I do not get to see often. I am really looking forward to that.

This is a special Christmas for me in others too. It will be my first Christmas to spend with Nathan and Chloe and the rest of his family and I should be moved into our new little farm house the week of! Really looking forward to getting in there, although I had to pick the busiest time of the year, but HEY.... if it is not hectic, it's not me pulling stuff off. Actually come to think of it that entire week is crazy. I have all of my Christmas orders to make sure are filled, I have an event at the Guild, I have Jace's Christmas party at school to be in charge of, a banquet to go to in Alabama that weekend, a breakfast for our Board and our luncheon, plus move. WOW! This ought to be interesting. Yuck! Now what I see it in black and white.... O well! I will just brace myself and pull through it as usual. My wonderful boyfriend seems to know when to step in, although if he reads this may decide to head out of town that week (if he was thinking cleverly). LOL!

Regardless, I am just going to take it as it comes and promise myself to enjoy every moment of it. Memories is what I find to be the silver lining in it all. I will just have probably a little more of them to tell when I am old and sitting around with the other ladies in a nursing home.

I hope that everyone will enjoy the season for the reason, relax, make wonderful memories with their loved ones and avoid the stress that usually comes with this time of the year. That is my goal for the season! Maybe it will make for a great beginning of a new year as well!

Until then....

Monday, November 30, 2009

My Thanksgiving Holiday!

My Thanksgiving turned out to be much more enjoyable as I figured it to be. Not that I was dreading any of the plans we made, but it was the first year in a while not being at my Papa's and cooking. Thanksgiving was his holiday and I have dreaded having it without him since he passed away. Ironically enough, I felt very close to him that day. We traveled to Louisiana to visit Nathan's parents and grandmother. Although I have been there once before, I noticed some things for the first time which blew me away. Wednesday night after we arrived and ate, I was standing there in kitchen and putting away some food and all of the sudden it hit me what we'd be doing then if he were still alive and that would be cooking his famous meat sauce. We did this for the past three years the night before Thanksgiving. He cooked it for the girls because we loved it so much.

(this is pic of the last time we made it together 3/09)

Of course, I got a little upset and decided to go outside and visit his star that my kids picked out for him the night he passed away and what a beautiful clear sky it was. After coming in, I got ready for bed and pulled the covers down and there was a blue blanket, identical to the one my Papa had that him and fought over for the past two years and he gave me several days before he died and usually I carry that blanket with me and happen to have left it this go round. The next morning, I decided to go outside and spend some time viewing God's beauty and read his word. As I walked out on the back porch, I look around and could see my Papa everywhere. His grandmother had Christmas cactus everywhere and what I call airplane plants.

These are the same things that my Papa loved to grow and had his green house filled with them. Never had I seen a Christmas cactus anywhere else. It blew me away. I continued to look around and sit out there and just saw so many things that were him and felt such a wonderful peace about it. To top it all off, my Papa's favorite desert was a coconut cake and we had one every Christmas and every Thanksgiving, which is not the most common holiday desert and guess what Nathan's mother made.... a coconut cake. Crazy! I called it ironic, but tome there really is nothing ironic about things like that; it is all God's doings. I have to say that the first part of this year was one of the toughest in my life, but the second half, God has really done some amazing things in my life and blessed me with so much. If ever I have doubted (not that I have) that God is constantly working in my life, he has erased any doubt possible. He has been so so good to me! I spent a good bit of that time outside Thanksgiving morning, thanking him for all of those blessings. He put me where I needed to be and I gave him all the glory for it. Not only did he surround me with my Papa, he put these people in my life to share it with and I enjoyed sharing my first Thanksgiving without my Papa with them. Nathan and his family are a blessing just as well. Always remember, God is good and turn loose and let him work in your life. It seems to work out much better. I can testify to that!

We traveled back to MS that evening and got ready for our Thanksgiving dinner with my family. My mother came home from Alabama and my dad came in from Alabama too and we enjoyed our Thanksgiving Friday evening. We spent the night over my brothers, the entire family Thursday night and built a fire and sat around it telling stories on one another and the kids made smores. It was very nice and relaxing. Friday morning, my sister-in-law, my daughter and I hit the "BLACK FRIDAY" sales (which I said that I was not going to do).

We left the house about 2:30 am and headed out, with no sleep basically but coffee in hand. We got to our first store that opened at 3am and by 9:30am we had hit 7 stores and one of those twice. It was not bad at all and we had a great time. I was so excited because I got my 119.00 quilt I had been eyeing for 29.00.

Yep, 29.00!

The lack of sleep was worth every bit of that so now I have the bedspread that I truly wanted and saved 100.00 on it. It was funny because this was my daughter's first time to experience it and probably by 8:30 or so, she was literally dragging bags throughout the mall. I enjoyed her being with me though and she enjoyed it too! By 11:00 that morning, heading home we all starting showing clear signs of deliriousness and were VERY tired. I think we all took about an hour nap at some point throughout the day in between preparing our dinner and it would be safe to say that the three of us all called it an early night that night!

It was a great Thanksgiving and actually got me a bit more excited about the holiday season. I look forward to those memories being made and spending more time with the people I love.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Well I am still on the search for the perfect bedroom...........I will be moving in December to a little farm house and get the chance to re-do my room. I want it to clean lined, simply, feminine (but not girly), and very warm. I have looked at bedspreads, covers, blankets, comforters until I almost NEVER want to even see another one. I am NOT a picky person by any means whatsoever, but I am having the hardest time finding what it is I want or have pictured in my mind. Well let me back up a minute, I am having a hard time finding what I want in a price range that is not going to kill me especially here at Christmas.

Here is the inspiration for my room though. This is a pic Nathan and I took in New Orleans. I LOVE it! NO has some of the prettiest scenery to me.

The walls are already painted an ivory, beige color and I like it unusually. I want a fern or sage color as main color and accent it with rust colors and a light beige. I have found a million different things in this color, but either crazy high in price or can't get it all to come together.

The second, third and somewhere between the forth and fifth blankets pictured are the colors I was trying to work in...

I want the lightest color to top the bed to keep it open and airy and feminine.

I just know that it is driving me nuts. I need a recommended site that sells bedding at AFFORDABLE prices. These are not expensive it is just that by the time you buy the ones you need, you still have sheets to get, bedskirt and blah blah and it really does not work out. Anyway, any recommendations are welcomed before I drive myself SO crazy and actually I would love one night not to dream about a bedspread! It's not even a big important thing either but it is stuck in my head!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Necklace

1 Corinthians 13:13
(New International Version)

13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

This was the inspiration of this necklace. I came across this verse (AGAIN) while reading and it really stuck in my head this time. I was working on some jewelry the other night about 1:30am and was thinking about the verse again so I put down what I was working on and this transpired. I love it. Since I have made it on a round disc that I slightly domed and made the word "love" a bit bigger and actually love it even more. I just absolutely love that verse. I gives you something to really believe in this day in time in the "prepatory world" anyway (in my own opinion).


Romans 12:6-9

Let’s just go ahead and be what we were made to be, without enviously or pridefully comparing ourselves with each other, or trying to be something we aren't. If you preach, just preach God's Message, nothing else; if you help, just help, don't take over; if you teach, stick to your teaching; if you give encouraging guidance, be careful that you don't get bossy; if you're put in charge, don't manipulate; if you're called to give aid to people in distress, keep your eyes open and be quick to respond; if you work with the disadvantaged, don't let yourself get irritated with them or depressed by them. Keep a smile on your face. Love from the center of who you are; don't fake it.

I get a bible verse everyday from my church and this is the one from today! Thought it was a great one to share, as they all are, but this one particularly. Very simple and to the point.

Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

YAY! It's Wednesday and only have two days til Friday! Wednesday has become one of my favorite days because I know I am on the downward slope to reach the weekend from this point forward!

It's going to be a busy Wednesday put definitely looking forward to it. Tonight is paint night! I love painting and doing anything that pertains to home decor. We are painting Nathan's room tonight. He recently bought a house and we have been painting all the rooms. After this one, we have one left.. the big one... the living room. It is amazing how far he has come with it all in the little time that has past. It's been fun though! He may not view it that way, but it has been for me. It has made me want to tackle my own room now. My room has only really ever been a place to sleep and nothing more other than ANOTHER place for my kids to lays something down somewhere. (URG!) I believe that everyone's bedroom should be their own little palace and a great place to relax and get away from the distractions of the world (if it is a palace, you are allowed to pretend that you actually can escape that). BUT... the room has to be created with that coziness feeling and something that feels like you. I found mine..

HOW RELAXING DOES THAT LOOK? HGTV... of course! I may never want to leave it if it did indeed look like that. But being realistic, I have a 80lb. dog that sleeps with me, or really on top of my feet and two kids that are not OCD AT ALL, so it would not work, but you get the idea anyway. Did I mention I love to daydream.... I really would like to re-do it and create a cozy environment suited for me.

Anyway, enough of that.... well actually now this bedroom is all I can see in my head so instead of going on and on about it, I will close this post. Hope everyone enjoys their WEDNESDAY!!!

Until then....

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Well it has been a very long time since I last wrote in my blog and SO SO much has happened since then both personally and in my jewelry adventure!
I left in May to go help my mother take care of my grandfather who was diagnosed with terminal cancer the end of March. My mother and my aunt were both there taking care of him and they also were having their own health issues at the time, which is why I decided to take leave and go.
It was a very very hard 6 weeks there watching my grandfather's condition rapidly deteriorate until he died the mid of June. Although it was very hard, I would not change it for anything and would not trade those last 6 weeks or the sharing the last moments of his life for anything. I still have a hard time dealing with his loss from time to time, but I will forever be grateful of the time I spent with him and the decision I made, at some great cost, to go to Alabama. I actually did his entire funeral service and delivered it all myself. Never in a million years would I imagine I'd ever be doing anything like that, but it was kind of like my own tribute to him because I did not want someone else who did not know who he was up there recapping his like. It was a very intimate and personal service and I think it would have been what he would have wanted.
I know some know that also during that time my ex-husband was diagnosed with cancer and was going through his treatments. Just 2 weeks ago, he received good news from the doctor and all of his scans come back showing NO hot spots or live cancer. This being more on a positive note.
Something else incredible happened to me the late part of the summer. I met a wonderful man who has become a very important part of my life now. I actually met him this time last year but with so much going on in my life ,the ups and downs, our relationship was platonic. After coming home from Alabama, we connected again and started dating in August. He is a very great person and I am so very happy and feel blessed to have him in my life.
Now, things in the past several weeks have really started taking off with my jewelry. I finally got my showcase in at the Craftmen's Guild of MS and now they have some more on display at an exhibit they are doing now. I have my jewelry in 3 stores and was approached at my last show to put it in another store locally that just opened in October. Also in October, I exhibited at the Guild for the New Members Exhibit. I enjoyed that greatly and got great feedback and made some of my own great contacts. I have another show on November 14th at the Brick Street Festival in Clinton and then an Open House on November 20th by the request of some friends and repeat customers from one of the stores that I carry it in. I missed all the deadlines for Chimneyville due to being in Alabama, but am going to do Sugar Plum Market in Vicksburg on the 5th. I am about to get started on my website and continue to keep going. I have made lots of new things and am venturing out more and more. If I could get the photo thing down I feel like I could be set to go. It is all been a blessing and am enjoying it a lot.
I must say the later part of this year thus far has been far better than the first part of this year. Regardless, I will continue to thank God for each day he does bless me with and continue to tread water.
I look forward to getting back to my blogging. It was really hard to come back to because there were so many emotions left there, but I finally bit the bullet and opened it up for the very first time since April. Feels good! I look forward to catching up with everyone and I hope all is well with everybody!
And last, thank you for those of you who showed me great encouragement and support while I was going thru such a rough time. I will forever be grateful to you!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

FINALLY... I Put something in my Etsy shop!!!!!

I know it has been forever, but I FINALLY listed 1 of many items to come in my Etsy shop.
I have added the link. Hopefully I will be adding more as the day goes, depending on if I get to take a lunch hour or not. I will be excited to get this back up and going. The bracelet I listed I absolutely love. You know by now that I am big on simplicity and this bracelet has it and was created for a great purpose. You will see in the Etsy description. Anyway check it out! Keep checking because there REALLY is more to come.. PROMISE.


Today is ETSY DAY... for those who are not aware of Etsy and especially if you are an artisan of any sort or a buyer of handmade quality items, you definitely should check out There is some AMAZING talent there. Also, all of the stuff is handmade. Etsy does allow supplies to be sold and some vintage things as well, but mostly is people who single-handily make items anywhere from jewelry to clothes to decor for your home. When you purchase something from here you have the satisfaction of knowing the time, love and effort along with the quality that is put in to each piece made. Again, check it out!!!

AMY..... you need to open an account and start selling them lap trays and those hand carved walking sticks.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The great views of the Ross Barnett Reservoir

Sometimes there are times that I am really glad that I live around the Reservoir area. Although it is a small pond in comparison to some places in the state, it still makes for some fantastic views. I was putting together a slideshow for my boss and was adding some pics and ran across some pics taken out here that I thought I'd share:
This is the place I want to camp.

Two of the many breath-taking sunsets

I have a view of it from work and some days I just wish I could stay outside and watch the sailboats all day! I love water & the outdoors I guess. It's the direct reflection of God's creation!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Saturday

This weekend I have been in Alabama visiting with my Papa. As I mentioned in my prayer wall, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer about a month ago, so I have been spending as much time here as possible. My uncle and cuz came down this weekend too. While my mom and my aunt kept Papa company, the rest of us got out in his yard and did some work. You have to understand my Papa's place. His yards are big, but he has a huge garden, a green house, black berry vines, blueberry bushes, grapefruit trees, beautiful flowers. Anytime I am here I always just walk around the yards and admire his love for outdoors. Maybe his love for the outdoors and nature roots is where I get it from. There is something about it that brings me a peace. Always has. Well we work in the garden for a bit getting it watered and fertilized. This garden is huge.

This is all that I could fit in the camera screen!!

After that We got in the yard and mowed. My first experience on a riding lawn mower. I'm sure for the passer-byers it was a great laugh for the morning. Needless to say, my uncle finished that task and I decided to tackle the blackberry vines. This is where I spent most of my time during the day. I cleaned all the dead vines out and all million of the little oaks that were growing within them. I only come away with 5 or 6 thorns in my hands. Found great gloves that you can actually grab up all of the stuff up and not worry about the thorns. Blackberry thorns are the worst ever to me. I think I rather sit on a cactus. (Not really). Here is a shot of the blackberry vines after I finished them and the pile that I took out of there. I think after I finished, the pile actually had more in it than there was blackberries left on the vines. Cannot wait til the are ready. The are green now.

This is a row of the vines.

.... and the pile. (I worked hard!!!)
My uncle, my cuz, and Aunt pressure washed the back of the house. Now that would have been a pic to see, but my uncle being on that 12 foot ladder, not holding on and it wobbling everywhere.. I could not bare to watch. All in all we got a good bit done. We started about 9:30 I'd say and think we called it quits around 6:30 last evening. Papa would make his way out there a couple of times to check our progress, but I'm sure he just wanted to make sure we were doing it correctly if I know him. hahaha! After we called it quits, I walked around and took some pics of the some of the things that I love around here.

This is part of his greenhouse. He says the secret of growing plants is not leaving them lonely, so he actually has a radio in there that plays 24-7. He must be on to something, because he can make a dead stick sprout something.

I enjoyed the day working around here. Although any other time Papa would be out there in his overalls in the middle of it, and that fact that he wasn't was a bit hard to grasp, it still gave me a bit of peace about myself. I spent most of the time in blackberry vines alone and it gave me some time to do a bit of thinking which led to a reassuring conversation with Papa later, which gave me even more peace. I love it around here because everything here is my Papa. He has such a simplicity about him and a determination (or stubbornness) that is inspiring to me and has been for such a long time. The calmness and the contentment he has is everything that I strive for and hope that one day I will have. Maybe everything out represents that and it is why I am so drawn to it. I know that I am going to miss it and him when he is gone!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Latest Project

I mentioned before that I had bought some Metal clay and was ready to dive in but have been scared to death to. My mother, who is a dollhouse miniature artisan is extremely talented in sculpting in polymer clay so I felt I needed her there (that way I could blame her if it did not turn out... lol). My sister-in-law can draw great and anything. The idea I wanted to use in the metal clay was creating an original family tree. Make pendants and rings out of them and use tiny rhinestones as birth stone representing people in your personal tree. My sister-in-law drew out several trees and we picked one. My mother and her started making molds for the ones we really liked. Now the rest is up to me. I am going back to visit my grandfather and mother this weekend and we are going to give it trial run. I hope they turn out how I have them envisioned because it would be a great heirloom to make and have. There are several people out there that are doing similar and I think they are wonderful. I wanted to make that we had our own original mold and style. I will keep you posted on how that turns out. Maybe I will have a pic to show if it does. Wish me luck!!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A beautiful day

The past three days have been probably the saddest days of my life. On my prayer wall I have asked you to pray for Mrs. Robinson, my friend's mother who has been fighting cancer. Easter morning she lost her battle and is resting high on that mountain (as the song played at her funeral said) with our creator. I watched my best friend go through the worst pain of his life and that was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Although knowing Mrs. Charolette is no longer in the pain she was in her final months and no longer suffering and worrying about leaving her son and family behind, it is very hard to let go. I have known her for a year now and it was and always be considered a great privilege that I did. I have grown to love her like I have known her forever. She will be missed. Today was a beautiful day for her body to be laid to rest. Jason said that to me this morning. I told him that it was and the most beautiful one she's seen in a while. I am glad she is in a better place now. It has really been tough as losing someone is and has been extremely tough watching my best friend go through it. My heart is so very heavy, more than ever I believe. I will just continue to pray and let GOD guide me through it and pray even harder that he comforts Jason and the rest of his family. Without GOD and my faith right, I' m not real sure that I could bare the trials and heartaches that I have had to face this year. Please continue to pray for Jason. Pray that he will find his strength and comfort in God. I thank those that have been praying for him and his family. Her illness has been a long journey and those prayers are what will get you thru it.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Can you say, IT IS FINALLY FRIDAY!!! What an up and down week it has been!!!!!

It's been a very roller coaster week. Last post was about my brother and his kidney stone. Well Tuesday we went back to ER because it was even worse and they confirmed it was a 3mm stone. He is at home and is waiting dreadfully of course to birth this thing. Poor guy! He has been through it this week.
Although it has been the typical crazy week in the Land of Jennifer, we have received some great news as well that I wanted to share. For those of you that are familiar with The Craftmen's Guild of MS know that you can submit your medium for review and consideration to become a member of the Guild twice every year. This to me is a very great honor and has been a goal of mine for over a year. This year I decided I was going to submit and at least use the results as constructive criticism. Well I went to a preparation class they held in February that gives guidelines and informs you on what they look for, how to fill out paperwork, and other very general information about the process. I left there not feeling 100% confident about submitting for the March review. We the night before submittal, I started and finished my last piece, almost convincing myself not to do it. I decided I should anyway, because if I did not, it would be that much longer before I got direction I may need. Again, I was using this as a learning process completely. Yesterday I received the letter in the mail from the review......... DRUM ROLL, please.....
(by the way..For those of you that are not familiar with the Guild should definately come check it out. It is located in Ridgeland and you can walk the gallery for hours and be so amazed at the talent that is collected in one small room)
What a shock this was for me. I truly, truly was not expecting this at all. I was very anxious to receive advise from other Guild members and experts in this field. Needless to say, I am so very excited. Still in happy shock a bit though. This for me is really huge because it actually is a goal of mine and with it happening, it encourages me and makes me realize that my goals are obtainable with help and hard work!!! Speaking of help, I am very appreciative and so very thankful to those people who push me and support me and that I lash out at from time to time when I realize if there were 72 hours in each day, I would still have not enough time.
Other news.. This is a "Proud Parent Moment". Also in the mail yesterday, I received an official letter stating that my 10 year old daughter has been selected to represent her school as a Jr. Nation Young Leader Scholar and recognized as one of the Nation's top 5th/ 6th grader. She has been invited to attend a conference and all. This is an amazing opportunity for her and will be an incredible experience. People like Al Gore and Leader of the Peace Corp. were elected for this in their time. I am so proud of her!!!! She deserves this so much. She really is a good girl and has such natural potential when it comes to things like that. That I had to share being as proud of her as I am.
So that's about it, please continue to check out my prayer list over on the side. Please pray for Jason and his mother. They need every prayer they can get right now going through these days.
O! I am putting up another side note about my upcoming shows.
Well, have much work to do. I hope that you all enjoy the beautiful weekend. Until next time...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Is this Monday over YET?

...and these are the days of Jennifer's land!

It has been a very typical and CRAZY Monday.. I am ready to be done with the day! I would say start it over but that is just taking a chance to have another day like it. The weather is very suitable for this Monday for sure. Woke up late, rushed around and you know what kind of hair day that makes for. So the new "do" is not looking so hot. I'm not a vein person whatsoever so I can get over that. I just had two root canals a little over a week ago and guess what... my other tooth started hurting this weekend and it is so painful, I' am ready to pull the thing myself with tweezers. I put a call into the dentist and still have not heard back from them. In the meantime my lil' bro calls and tells me he is in severe pain I need to come get him. Get to the house and he is INDEED in some major pain. Never seen him like this before, ever... which made me somewhat nervous. Take him to ER and they tell us to wait in waiting room. When we walked in there we realized we probably should have brought a pillow, dinner, and our PJ's and probably breakfast for when we would be still waiting tomorrow morning. He is whaling out because he is in so much pain. Well after being there about an hour, the pain eases up and almost completely ceases. We waited to see if it would come back and you know how the typical male is... "it's gone, lets go". It crossed my mind he may have just passed a kidney stone so I call our regular doctor to see if they can test for that. They can so off the the regular doctor he goes. All this before noon! Can you hear the ulcer forming??? HAHA! Hopefully that is all that is wrong with him and the worst is gone. I am just glad he is ok for the moment and not in such severe pain.

Other than that... life is good. I got a bunch more jewelry done this weekend. Got accepted in a big show coming up which is my first juried show and I am excited about it. So VERY VERY close to getting it all back in the stores which will be a big relief for me. That is about it. Never a dull moment in Jennifer land... Oh! and believe me, it's is own little island. hahahha! Well I wish everyone a good week and until next time....

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I had a crazy experience yesterday and I must share. To some it may not seem to be a big deal, but it was something I am proud and very happy I did. Well, where I work we are building a water tower. One of my first assignments for my job was to re-type the specs on this thing, which took close to a year. I learned some interesting things along the way. This is being constructed where I have to pass it daily. It’s been amazing watching this thing being built. We had an inspection on it yesterday and I asked to go along and meet some of the people I have been working with on it and to see it up close. Well, I actually got to climb it. All the way to the top; 150 feet of stairs inside this massive thing. I did not think it was a big deal until everyone kept questioning me if I was sure about climbing. I decided to do it anyway. I climbed with the inspectors. It was not easy at all, but man was the view on top of it incredible and well worth it. The inspectors and the welder I climbed with were SUPER to me. This something they could have done in a less than an hour, but they stuck with me because I was determined and we will just say that it was more than a hour getting up there. When I finally got up there, I did not want to get down. I tried talking the welder into adding a secret elevator that I could use as a “get-away spot” after it was filled. Maybe I should have written that in the specs myself. HAHA! Anyway, the entire experience was great and if you can believe it or not (I can’t for sure) I am not ever stiff this morning. I got a bit of a headache from getting so hot climbing, but that is it. I did take a few pics that I thought I’d share.

What a view!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Ok Mom.... I am Back!!!

So I get a phone call from my mother and she tells me she is tired of pulling up my blog and "It's Monday Again" everyday. I told I know that I have been a disgrace to the blogging society for a little bit, but I will make up for it. PROMISE MOM!!!! So I will give a run-down on what's been going on in my world lately.. Have been working on my jewelry, trying to get everything ready for the stores and upcoming shows. OF course there have been a Zillion and 1 interruptions of some sort. Imagine that. Still fighting with Doctors to get my son seen by someone so we can figure what is going on with my little fellow. This has been majorly frustrating!!! I do not understand why you have to beg a doctor to check out someone. I even have insurance. It's crazy, but I have just about had my fill of it... so if you see me on the nose making a ruckus, just smile and say I KNOW THAT CRAZY WOMAN!!! Hopefully it will not come down to that, but hey.. A mom has to do what a mom has to do, right?
This weekend I nursed NOT ONE, BUT TWO root canals I got Friday. What misery.. It hurt even worse when I had to write the check for them. All the pain medicine in the world cannot help take the edge off that pain. Still have another one to do!!!! YUCK!!! I was glad to get them over with however, the yogurt diet was getting very old very quick!!!
I also wanted to mention that I have some info on some great craft shows. I have been getting the apps prepared and submitted. If you would like this info, let me know and I will pass it on.
There is the basics of my life in the past couple of weeks, leaving out a detail or two here and there. I will have to spend the next day or so just catching up on my reading as well.
ONE MORE THING. I am ready to do the book give-away. I won the first book that Pickles on Pizza gave away and promised to pass it on. Took a little longer than expected, but better late than never. I will post those details in the next day or two so be looking for them. It's a great book!
Well.... until next time... and I love you MOM!

Monday, February 23, 2009

It's Monday Again and THANK YOU!!!

Well now that the weekend is over, I can share some of the things that have weighed heavy on my shoulders. A couple of weeks ago, my ex-husband was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I was not able to share this because we had not told the kids yet. We decided we would wait until we had all of the information of his cancer and what all would have to be done (treatment wise). I have dreaded to sit down with them from the second I found out. Well, we did sit down with them this weekend and it went much better than anticipated. I believe my daughter is still processing right now and my little man just does not grasp the entire concept. He starts his chemo this week and I am sure more questions will come and more emotions will emerge through this process. It is going to be a life changing time for everyone involved. He lives in a different state which will have its advantages and disadvantages for the kids during this time. It's good only in the fact, they will not have to see him on his sickest days, but yet when they need to see him and he needs to see them for that reassurance, it's not an advantage at all. I am sure that through this all, we will all become closer and we will find ways to meet the needs of both the kids as well as his. We have not been together since 2005, but he was a very big part of my life and never would I want him to have to go through any of this. Even though it has been since 2005, it's still hard for me to swallow. He does have a great support group and a great girlfriend and mother that will help him through it too. Knowing this helps put my mind at ease. It's going to be a tough journey, for him and the kids especially, but God will shine through! I am sure that I will journal (or blog) about this from time to time. It's a therapy!!! I do thank everyone for their prayers, even though for the most part you had no idea what you were praying about. Last night, our Life group started a bible study on praying and it really is a great feeling to know you have people out there praying for your needs. So again, thank you. Please continue to pray.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I believe ..... Post# 3

I Believe...... That you can keep going long after you think you can't..

This post is has very personal meaning to me right now. I said in a recent post we had some bad news delivered and although I still cannot talk about until after this next week, it's been tough! Since I have learned of this news, the expression "when it rains, it pours" has been an understatement. There have been so many things that have happened and they are all over the spectrum. My grandparents house burnt to the ground last night. They are safe (thank God, literally)! We have lost a family friend to his battle with cancer. I have been to the ER with my son and came out three stitches later. My heart aches... the list goes on, but I will spare you any more details. It gets to a point where you do not feel you can take anymore, usually that's when something more is thrown at you, but NEVER will I ask "what else can happen?". Something I vowed not to do many years ago, because the last time I did, I got my answer that changed my family's lives. But just when you really think you cannot take anymore and you are about to break, there is always something that brings you back to that center point. For me, that thing was an email I got from my mother this morning. She reminded me to turn it over to GOD and he will take care of it all. When God closes one door, he opens another. Although I vowed no crying today, I BOO-HOO'd when I read her email. She always knows what I need to hear. So mom.... thank you and I love you so much! Thank you for reminding me that when I think I cannot take anymore that there is always two people that I know will push me, carry me, whatever it takes to see me through. You and my GOD!!! Saying all that, I leave you with my answer to why it is that you can keep going long after you think you can't..
Revelations 3:8
When God leads you to the edge of the cliff, trust Him fully and let go, only one of two things will happen, either He'll catch you when you fall, or teach you how to fly!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Here is a sneek peek at some of my new jewelry.... I should have my Etsy site back up and going this week. Still pricing and writing descriptions. Let me know what you think!

I Believe..... POST #2

I Believe...That either you control your attitude or it controls you.

This one is a good one but is very hard to practice sometimes. We often let people intimidate us or let them get the best of us due to their negativity, which in return gives us a poor attitude either towards the situation or towards that person. I deal with this every day! If you really think about though it is like someone pulling out in front of us while we are driving. 9 out of 10 times our natural human nature kicks in and we get pissy about it and then the mood has been set, especially in the morning. A lot of times it is an honest mistake. That person will go on with their day and probably not even think about it any longer while you are still "pissy" and your attitude sucks the entire day! I know I am guilty of this for sure. If only a flashing light came on that reminded us of this very saying about our attitudes every time our anger button was pushed, we may make for some happier people. Again, the person or the situation that created the attitude has probably not even thought twice about it or could just care less. And for those who intentionally provoke you, controlling your attitude is the best "back at ya" that you could possibly do. Those people have to answer for their own actions at some point as we have to answer for ours as well. So, keeping this in mind and practicing this throughout our day is a great challenge for us to take on!!! I am practicing NOW!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

I Believe.... Post 1

I received this email today about life's scenarios. There were 20 different sayings, all very good and true statements. I decided that I am going to post some of these throughout the next month and give my own synopsis on them. I would love to here yours as well! Here is the first one...
I Believe.... That you should always leave loved ones with loving words. It may be the last time you see them.
This is something that is so true and something we all take for granted so often. I have thought a lot about this statement recently. Right before Christmas Break at school for the kids, another fellow parent dropped off her children and was headed back home to finish packing for their vacation that they were leaving for on that day. She lived about 2 miles from the school and on the way home, less than a mile up the road from the school another car coming the other way, swerved in her lane and hit her head on and she died instantly. It was very very sad and I just could not help to think about and wonder what the last thing she said to her kids was before she dropped them off.
You really never know when your moment or someone else's that you love moment will come. If you last words were harsh or not said, that is what you leave those people with. I know that many mornings it is chaos at my house and we are always rushing to get out of the door. Usually those are the mornings I spend the entire ride to school fussing and arguing with my children. Of course after I leave them, it has made for a stinky day! I try to think about that, especially now! But regardless of it is a calm or chaotic morning, I never leave them without telling them I love them.
Again, we all are guilty of forgetting about the importance of that and sometimes other natural human feelings prohibit us from remembering, but I think it is a great challenge for all of us to keep that statement front and foremost in our minds and heart!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I am "officially" a business!!!

A while back I blogged about my journey of what I was going to do this year to get my jewelry off the ground. Well, Last week I received my LLC license and my official tax #. I opened my business account at the bank (got an order for a necklace from the lady) and made my first big inventory order. I am so excited. My portfolio is almost done and when I get that, I will have my Etsy shop back up and going. I am so excited. I have lots of stuff to make, but I am on my way! My fingers will be ready to fall off I am sure by the end of next week. I can't wait for everyone to see some of my new stuff I have been working on. By the way, have I told you that I love having my own little studio. Well, I know I have not said it in a couple of days! I love it. Makes it so nice. I am ready to go back to Harbor Freight (my favorite store now) and load up on more tools.
I just wanted to share my exciting news with my fellow bloggers who I enjoy everyday!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Funny Women Language

I am sure many of you have seen this email, but I have to share it again. It is so funny to me and it is so so true. How many of you can relate? My only question is why the men still do not catch on. Too funny?

(1) Fine :
This is the word women use to en d an argument when they are right and you need to shut up.

(2) Five Minutes:
If she is getting dressed , this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house.

(3) Nothing:
This is the calm before the st orm. This mean s something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine.

(4) Go Ahead:
This is a dare, not permissio n. Don't Do It!

(5) Loud Sigh:
This is actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer back to # 3 for the meaning of nothing.)

(6) That's Okay:
This is one of the most da ngerous statements a women can make to a man. That's okay means she wants to think long and hard before deciding how and when you will pay for your mistake.

(7) Thanks:
A woman is thanking you, do not question, or faint. Just say you're welcome. (I want to add in a clause here - This is true, unless she says 'Thanks a lot' - that is PURE sarcasm and she is not thanking you at all. DO NOT say 'you're welcome' . that will bring on a 'whatever').

(8) Whatever:
Is a woman's way of saying... Go to H...

(9) Don't worry about it, I got it:
Another dangerous statement, meaning this is something that a woman has told a man to do several times, but is now doing it herself. This will later result in a man asking 'What's wrong?' For the woman's response refer to # 3.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Wanted to share another part of my daily life... Rascal, Claire, and Sii. These are my three doggies. Rascal is the oldest. He is ten and we got him 2 months after Jayde was born. He is protector! Claire, the oreo blizzard Catahoola, is 3. She is a Katrina rescue dog that we adopted. She is such a sweet and loving 90 lbs. dog. Then there is Sii, could not suit him better because he is the "little" hellian of the three. He is 2 and a full blooded mini winnie dog. He was suppose to be "my" dog, but follows my daughter around and will not have anything to do with me.. I love them all though! THey drive me crazy but can't image life without them.

SO here my doggies:

Ras, Claire, Sii (can you tell he is spoiled?)

Friday, February 6, 2009


I have been chosen by Raquel Gonzalez @ as one of her top 5 winners of the Blog Award. This is exciting!!!! I am still trying to get the hang of it all, but loving it so thank you Raquel!!! You need to stop in and check out her blog too!!! She will make you laugh!

Here is how it works:

  • Now that I have been chosen, I must choose 5 bloggers that I feel should receive the Blog award.
  • I must list 10 things about myself that you probably do not know
  • I must post a quote
  • Post most award using a direct link to the person who chose me.

SO here we go:

My 5 blog choices:

  1. - My first blog to follow and one of my first followers. She is very committed to her blog and I am always ready to see her next post!!!
  2. - She is an amazing crafter in her art. Her blog is colorful and neat. Any stationary needs, check her out!
  3. - I just recently started following this blog but it is a very good blog. Plus I love the name!
  4. - She is a dedicated follower of mine and also a fellow crafter. She has some great links on her blog.
  5. - This blog is hilarious. You can tell she has great wit about her. Her blog is also very lively!

You need to check these blogs out!!! They definitely bring joy to my day!

10 random things about me (you probably do not know):

  1. My middle name is Ca'rie (CA-REE) and everyone pronounces it Carrie and it used to drive me in sane.
  2. One day I would like to own a Harley of my own, although I have never driven a motorcycle.
  3. I have 8 tattoos and want 1 more.
  4. My "craftiness" comes honestly, my mother is a wonderful dollhouse miniature artisian.
  5. I am from a Spanish descendant and cannot speak a word of it. Shame on me!
  6. I have been writing poetry since I was 9 years old... (very long time)!
  7. I will eat anything but English peas.. YUCK!! :(
  8. I am deathly afraid of a roach.. snakes, spiders and any other bug do not bother me!
  9. My favorite bible verse is .. for with God all things are possible- Mark 10:27
  10. I secretly wish I could have been a professional dancer (not a pole dancer or a ballerina, one in videos)

One of my Favorite Quotes:

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -Gandhi

Thursday, February 5, 2009


One of the blogs I follow is giving away a king cake in celebration of Mardi Gras. If you have not had a king, a genuine king cake, you are in for a treat. I have not had one in forever. THe kids and I were in the grocery store yesterday and they had samples and the kids got some and I told them oh what I would give to have a real one. ANyway... check out her blog and sign up to win the king cake. She has a great blog too!
Bumpkin On A Swing


Back in January I told you about my garage that I overhauled and turned into my studio. I promised I would post pictures. I have a few of the main part. I have other little stations and working on another main part or work station that I my brother is making for me to put all of my tools I got for my birthday. YES.... I got tools for my birthday and could not be happier. I got my polisher/ grinder, my router tool, torch, and some more gadgets. I was so excited. Anyway, here it is and it may not be a lot but I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I love my space and it is so nice to have my own little place to work. After I get the other work station finished, I'll share that.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Yesterday was a bummer day, typical Monday, and it was a bit long. On Mondays after work we go to an alternative school here in the county and tutor some children that have fallen behind in grade levels for many reason and also are at this school for disciplinary reasons. We come in, try and help them and spread our love for God to them. So, Mondays I usually do not get home until later. When I got home, I had a package on the table and it was from Angela... (Pickles on Pizza). When I opened it up, it was THE book! If you follow her blog (AND YOU SHOULD IF YOU DON'T), you know that she has started a book give-away. When she reads the book, she picks a random entry from her blog and sends the book to them along with a book blog. The only catch is that you must do the same if you win it. What a great idea huh? It is going to be interesting to see where it all goes. Well, I was extra surprised because I did not realize that I had even been picked!!!! I read her blog every day that I am on the computer and do not know how I missed it, but it was even better just getting it in the mail. So I will be getting started on it today. Looks like a great book. I have dentist and doctor appointments for the kids so I will get a good jump start on it this afternoon. Keep posted because I will be the next to give this book away in a couple of weeks. I am so excited and thank you ANgela!!! Thank you for the props too!! You are so sweet and one of these days we are going to have to meet.

Monday, February 2, 2009

No explosions!!

Well, I managed not to blow up the school... good for me and everyone else there! However, I did talk from 8:15 to 1:45 (with the exception of 30 minutes) non-stop. Every four minutes the whistle would blow and I'd have 3 more children to show my experiment to and tell them about Newton's 1st law. My throat was horse and a lot scratchy by the end of the day, but it was fun. The science projects and the concepts were all really cool and very educational. The students really seems to enjoy it and that is what matters.
We gave away our first puppy this weekend. That was tough. Marley Moo went to her new home. I told his new owner that he must keep us updated with pics of her. We already miss her.
We may have another going this week also. My other favorite, ZENA. BOO HOO! The good thing is that is a very good friend of Marley's new owner and they will be able to play still.
The shower went well and my birthday was another day!!! I did get lots of tools and the softest blanket ever. None of my girl friends really understand the excitement I have over tools I do not think. My mother made it back to town and that made my birthday! That was good. If Arizona would have pulled it out, I would have been on top of the world Sunday night.
We did get delivered some bad news and it put a big damper on the weekend. It is something that I am sure that I will be writing a good bit about in the weeks to come and will be asking for many prayers.
Other than that... I did not finish my display and get my jewelry set up in Brookhaven, but will be working on that throughout the week to get it done. I can't wait to get it all together. My brothers worked on it and it is going to turn out neat I believe. Unique. I will send pics when I get it completed.
Well just wanted to let everyone know that the school is still standing for anyone who may have been worried (other than myself)!
I wish you all a great start of the week!!
Until then...

Thursday, January 29, 2009


My daughter has become real involved in CARA here in Jackson. CARA is a NO KILL animal rescue. They currently have 350 dogs. When puppies come in they foster them out so that if another dog that comes in is sick, it will kill them. Well this is our 1st litter of foster puppies and they are so so so cute. We already have three of them adopted out. It has been a hoot watching them for the past week, other than the 4 and 5 am feedings!!! LOL!! Anyway, I finally got the pics back and wanted to share. Also, if you know anyone looking for a dog, please check this place out. They have all types and all sizes and ages that really need a home. Pass this link on to anyone you know who is involved with animals in this manner. CARA runs off volunteers and donations. It is a good organization. Enjoy the pics, they are so cute they will most certainly make you smile!!!

Zena ( The Princess Warrior)

Riley & Sebastian

Sugar (back) and Marley Moo


A New Day......

Well first of all.. the skunk smell is a bit tolerable. I AM driving the car. I went and got some OZONE stuff and sprayed the bottle in air filter and it is much better. I no longer carry the skunk scent myself so that is good!!!!!

I am getting ready for a busy weekend...

Starts tomorrow. I will be at my daughter's school conducting a science project. Well... I always opted out while I was in school not to do this because I never was a big fan of science and not so good at it either... so what was I thinking signing up to do a Science Project in front of an entire 5th grade class??? It ought to be pretty interesting for sure.... LOL!!!

Saturday I have a baby shower to give that I thought we were going to have to cancel last night because she went into the hospital last night with contractions. They got them stopped and sending her home today so we are in the clear for now!!!

I also have got to get in factory speed with making my jewelry. The new store that I am putting some jewelry in that is in Brookhaven is opening this coming Monday. Not prepared to the point I need to be so it will be a crazy weekend.

My birthday is Sunday, yes lucky me, Super- Bowl Sunday!!! Who could be any luckier, right? That is like having a birthday on Christmas Day. I have to much to do anyway to even remember that it is going to be my birthday.. As long as my mom gets to come home before midnight I think I will be just fine!!!! I miss her terribly! We are going to get together with some very good friends and going to have a Super-Bowl/ Birthday cook-out at my brother and sister-in-laws house so it will be fun!!!! I am grateful that I have people in my life to share it with.

So pray that my head will not spin off and stay attached through the duration of the weekend!!! Most of all pray that I do not blow up my daughter's school. Now that would be bad!!!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The latest on the SKUNK saga...

Well today was the very first day I have driven my car since the skunk incident.
Still horrible!!! However, I am sure anyone who saw us this morning, especially any neighbors, probably confirmed that our family is WACKO! It was in the 30's this morning and the kids and I were wrapped up in blanket to our necks, windows down and driving down the road. It was definitely a sight to see. I am sure that someone got a laugh out of it BUT I can assure you that it was neither of the kids nor myself. I parked the car at the send of the parking lot at work and of all days my big boss is standing outside. I knew it for sure at this point it was going to be one of those days!!!! Anyway, after work we went (blanket in tow) from Auto store to auto store looking for some smell stuff that is suppose to work. The reactions I received from all of them, you'd think that seeing a skunk was a rarity... WHATEVER!!! Anyway, found this little bitty bottle of Ozoine spray, which is what I was looking for after all and sprayed it in the car and in the air filter @ the hood. The trip home was not quiet so bad. Maybe in the morning it will be even better. Please say a brief prayer for me that it is... I really need to make a 2 hour trip this weekend and would enjoy it much more if it was better..This truly has been an adventure I am telling you!!! Thank you all for the tips and continue to keep your fingers crossed that the Ozoine stuff is working some magic as we speak now.

Until then....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I am trying to get my year planned with my jewelry. I have been gathering info on craft shows for this year. We have some big ones here in the Jackson area at the later part of the year that most everyone is aware of already. I was wondering if anyone already made plans to attend some this year? Maybe we could all share the info we have: shows? reviews? dates? deadlines?

I joined a listing that gives information about advertised shows all over. Some of the information has been useful. I am trying to get them mapped out of what I would like to do. I am shooting to do a show a month starting in March. The holiday season will be different of course. Are there any shows you have heard of or have done in the past that you would definitely recommend? It would cool to get a group to travel to them together.

Anyway.... just an idea of something to share. I will keep you posted of some of the ones I am looking at after I get all the details.

Until then..... have a great day!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Ok... This skunk incident is going to cost me therapy I believe. Since I have hit the skunk, my car has been parked at the very end of the driveway and I do mean the very end, down to the inch. I had the doors opened all day yesterday trying to air out or something. I know that my neighbors probably think I am really strange. They have seen me carry and throw (from a distance) coffee in the car as well as carpet fresh. Spray an air neutralizer through the sun roof. I am waiting on the phone call for someone to make sure that I am not on medication or either if I am taking the correct medication. Needless to say... the kids caught the bus this morning and I begged a co-worker to come pick me up. I have since received some more tips and will be trying those out this afternoon. As it stands it smell that flower coffee scented skunk. Still not an appealing smell.. I will keep you updated on how this goes. If I can find the solution, it is definately worth passing on for any future reference!!!!! I believe it would be the best advise ever received.
Until then!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Just a smile

Getting ready for the next work week!!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I NOW know there is nothing worse than a skunk smell!!!

So... we had a birthday party cook out to go to this afternoon for a friend of ours who lives somewhat out in the country. We had a great time. It was good people, good food and just a all round good relaxing time. On the way back home on what I consider a "back road" and about 5 minutes after leaving out of the darkness comes a skunk (A big one) hi-tailing to cross the road. I see it but there is no possible way to stop and it was stopped in the center of the road so veering off to one side or another was out of the question as well. I decided I had to center it and just about that time, the dang thing turns back and I hear the dreaded THUMP. OH no!!! Just about 30 seconds later comes a horrible smell that has taken over the inside of the car. How horrible this is! It was so bad that I literally thought I was going to have to pull over the side of the road, but I knew the second I leaned my head over the side of the car it could only make it worse considering the smell must be worse out there and I cannot EVEN imagine how that could be possible. We were all dying in the car. I turn around and hit a dead one about 5 miles later. I blame that to the lack of sight due to the high gas toxin skunk fumes that were burning every hair on my face and melting my skin away. Needless to say the next fifteen minutes home were not pleasant at all. We drove straight to the carwash, but did not do much of anything to help the smell. Got home and later realized I left something in the car. I went out there to get it and opened the doors and almost fell down from the smell. It is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!! I now am certain that there is nothing worse than the smell of a skunk!!!! I have no idea what to do to get the smell out.. Any suggestions how to get the smell out??

Monday, January 12, 2009

I did it!!!

I have been reading up on different finishing techniques on metal. I love the patina look and have been wanting to try the blue patina. I was a little intimidated by the whole thing but decided to give it a shot after reading many different things about it. I tried it over the weekend and it turned out great. I made a beautiful set of earrings and I am so excited about them. The process was not at all the trouble I figured it to be either. They turned out well. I cannot wait to share them with everyone and I cannot wait to do some experimenting with it and other techniques. It'll have to wait just a little however. We have a whole house of "sickies". We all are suffering from sinus infections. WE are all very pitiful around here!!! Hopefully we all will get better and I can get back to the experimenting.

Until then....