Friday, May 14, 2010


I have found ANOTHER love... well I have always enjoyed it but now has become a great mental therapy for me and now I absolutely cannot get enough of it.

Yep! Digging in the dirt. I LOVE IT! Not, that I have not always enjoyed it but is now has become a passion. A passion to the point where I would love to have a nursery and do it forever. Maybe some of this has come from my Papa that passed away last summer who also loved it and was the only I knew that could make a dead stick grow into something beautiful and the fact that I have 2 acres now to play on. I have planted some trees and still have much more in mind to do. When it first started getting warmer, I took my few measly have dead green plants and re potted them all. Now I have close to 50 rooting plants and they are growing. I did cheat and ask my Papa to bless from up there. I also have planted my own garden. The first time I have planted my own other than tomatoes. It is actually growing too. Not at a very fast pace, but its going.

Yesterday I set up a table outside and made it into a planting station. I have flowers on the table now waiting for 5:00 today to come to play with. I also have decided to build a kio pond. I have been researching and reading up on it on how to do it and talked to a friend in the landscape business for some good tips. That hopefully will be my project to start on this weekend, weather permitting. Of course it will be small but enough to have water lilies, which I love. This is a project I am going to take on all by myself so I am sure whenever I finish, it will make it that more enjoyable for me. I have already pick out some water plants that I want to incorporate into the area. There is just nothing better than being able to enjoy nature, in my eyes one of God's most precious gifts. Not many more things brings you closer to him either than enjoying the beauty he has provided and blessed us with.
Well hopefully I will have something to report next week on my weekend endeavors. If anyone has any good gardening site recommendations, please share. Love reading and learning about it all.
Until then....

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Angela said...

Hi!! I am so glad you are back!!