Thursday, April 29, 2010


It's been a while since I have written in my blog, but had someone remind me of it and since then have been very eager to get on it. Of course.. the hustle and bustle of life has kept me away. I hate that it gets that way, especially since I am one that desires so much to live as simple as possible but I have come to the conclusion that being a single mother voids that possibility out for a few more years to come. Hey, but that is alright, I will take the busy and chaotic road to be able to share a life with my kids any day, regardless it consequences.. and believe me, it has had plenty of them from just a day to day struggle to losing people I love.
Sometimes I step back and look and I get frustrated at the world today because so many people have no idea what they have and do not appreciate it for all it is. I have heard people complain about not having this and that and I think about the people who have absolutely nothing at all including just the basics of food and water and shelter. I look at people who are in relationships or marriages and for some reason no longer feel content, but yet have someone who would give up the world to make them happy. I don't get this? How can you not want that or find even contentment in that? The grass truly is not greener on the other side.... I PROMISE! I do understand there are circumstances that will surround relationships not to work, but just getting bored or letting your mind wander what "could be".. to me is not a legit circumstance. There are many people out here that would love to be able to find someone that want to love them unconditionally and give that back to them. Again, some people I do not believe or appreciative of what they have. The material things are not what makes a relationship or provides happiness, single or not, it's the joy you find and make in your life. The love you share in your life, the memories you make, the journey YOU CREATE for yourself. Life is hard and is constantly throwing fast curve balls, but it is a choice of how you react to them. I just wish people would find a way to enjoy their life and be appreciative and thankful for what they do have. Can you imagine what a better place this would be? We all are guilty of doing this from time to time and I cannot deny that I have not been guilty of it myself at times, but I can say that I truly am appreciative for the life I struggle with every day. As fast as those curve balls come at me at times and I feel like I cannot dodge them fast enough, I still know that there is someone else out there that would trade places with me in a heart beat! I know God has blessed me and I try to view my life that way! Some people just have no idea how fortunate they truly are.